Nearly forty-five years ago, John Woods began financially advising investors while keeping one fundamental principle in mind: that a strong, supportive relationship with a client begins with taking the time to get to know their needs and wants on an individual level.

In the past fifteen years Bruce Woods has taken over for his father in the creation of a business that promotes this principle. After a successful career as CEO of SIFE Trust Fund (now Wells Fargo Advantage Funds), Bruce desired to work for a smaller company in order to have more direct contact with his investors. The Financial Professionals of Woods Financial and Insurance Services pride themselves on tailoring each client’s financial portfolio according to their specific lives. We understand that money cannot buy happiness, but we also recognize that money allows a person the freedom to do the things they love. Our Financial Professionals' goal is to help maximize your financial gain so that you may enjoy more freedom in your life.

As with any family-owned business, our clients have the privilege of being more than an account number. If you are currently one of our clients, please stay in touch via phone or internet. We recognize that changes in your life situation must be taken into consideration in your asset allocation and wealth management strategies. Thus we encourage frequent client-broker contact in order to help ensure that your personal financial plan always matches your current lifestyle. If you are not currently a client, we invite you to join the family so that you may experience the outstanding financial attention that all of our clients enjoy.