COVID-19 Outbreak: My Response

| March 25, 2020

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Dear Fellow Investors,

Coronavirus-19 is rightly the main focus of much of the world. Certainly the health concerns for our friends, family and ourselves occupies much of our thinking, but we all know there are other important aspects to this challenge. The economy has slowed dramatically as people and businesses respond to requests or mandates of staying at home, needed to slow the spread. Obvious to all investors, the stock market has reflected this slowing economy with declining values. So, here we are experiencing a largely unknown threat, similar in some respects to other threats, but unique enough to be unpredictable.

Like you, I’m relying on official government information to educate me on CV-19 virus and our nation’s progress, as it fights against it. My part in this is to do what I can to keep you informed about the financial and economic aspects of this challenge. To address this my strategy is currently concentrated in two areas, my business operations and investment/economic response to the CV-19 outbreak. First, Woods Financial and Insurance Services operation: It is my intention to maintain normal office hours, although we will be primarily working from our homes. We will continue to respond to all calls for service or information and forms processing will continue as normal. Secondly, I will continue to examine this situation and our investments’ response. As actionable information comes to my attention, I will notify you. You are also welcome to contact me at any time with questions about your account, economy or the various markets.

Nancy Brooks, Stacy Nettell and I are all doing well as are our families. We know how stressful this situation is for all of you because we share those concerns. Our hope and prayers go out to each of you and hope that the cloud of this virus blows passed us quickly. This challenge is progressing like so many before it. We don’t have to think very far back to remember the “9-11 attack” or “2008 economic collapse”. Each situation was terrifying in some respect. Each situation appeared to be a harbinger for a dark age that would continue for the foreseeable future. The reality was that the difficulty dissipated much faster than expected and life returned to normal, so fully that many only hold an academic idea of those crises. Our nation is strong because of you. The people that make up the United States are a resilient group. I’m confident of our ability to recover and I think that recovery has already begun.

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